How Much Is 187ml Of Wine? The Wine Mini Bottle

mini wine bottles 187ml of wine

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187ml of wine is known as the wine mini bottle which is equal to 1/4th of a standard 750ml bottle of wine.

You may have heard of the term ‘wine mini’ or ‘mini bottle of wine’ and have wondered what the terms actually mean? Or, perhaps you have questioned how much is 187ml of wine? Well, they are actually the same thing. Those tiny bottles of wine that you see at your local grocery store are called wine mini’s and typically contain 187ml of wine. Now, what exactly can you do with 187ml? Why do they exist? Well, if you wish to learn about how truly handy these little bottles are, read on below.

Cooking With A Mini Bottle Of Wine

We have all been there. You are reading a cooking recipe and it says you need a ‘splash of wine’ or a very small measurement. All of a sudden, you are filled with dread at the prospect of buying a large bottle of wine, only for a sip of it to be used in the dish that you are cooking. That’s where the wine mini comes in.

When you spot that your recipe of choice is asking for an obscure and ridiculously small measurement of wine to be included, all you need to do is buy a mini bottle of wine. After you have added your small measurement, you will not have as much alcohol left over. This is perfect for minimizing waste, and you will not feel forced to drink an entire bottle of wine that you may not wish to consume simply because you had to buy a bottle for a recipe. The best solution for everyone!

The Wine Mini – The Perfect Gift

We all know that a bottle of wine can be the perfect gift. Perhaps they are a lover of wine, or you simply do not know the recipient very well and think a bottle of wine will be the ideal gift. Why not gift them a mini bottle? Or even a selection of them? Wine can be quite a tricky beverage to select, with everyone having their own personal preferences. But, if you opt for mini bottles, then you can cover all bases.

Plus, gift hampers are always one of the most popular ‘home-made’ gift that anyone can create for someone. And, instead of paying for a large bottle of wine, that they may or may not want. You can always save the money and opt for a smaller bottle.

Perfect For Weddings

Building on the gift-giving idea for wine mini’s, have you thought about using them as wedding favors? We all know just how expensive weddings can be, and alcohol can be a big part of that. But, instead of opting for large bottles of wine, you could provide mini bottles instead. Not only are they cheaper than larger bottles, they also add a personal touch to your wedding favors. And, ultimately, people may drink less as they see this as ‘their’ bottle of wine, instead of having a glass from a larger bottle.

Counting Your Alcohol Units? Why Not Opt For A Mini Wine Bottle?

Are you, like many others, opting to limit the units of alcohol they consume? Unit counting is definitely increasing in popularity, for understandable reasons. By limiting your unit intake, you will see general improvements in both your mental and physical health, an increase in energy levels, and you are less likely to suffer from headaches, heartburn, and indigestion.

There is a psychological issue when individuals open a bottle of regular wine that they �might as well finish’ an opened bottle. Whereas if you opt for a mini bottle of wine, it is the perfect serving to have either socially or with a meal. And there is no pressure to have additional glasses of wine, to simply finish the bottle off. Most of the popular wine brands tend to distribute their favorites in both the regular and mini sizes, so you will not have to miss out!

Mini Wine Bottles Are Perfect For Re-Using

Of course, there are many brilliant reasons as to why you should purchase mini bottles of wine. But sometimes, whether you are hosting or have a larger family, you may require a larger bottle of wine. What happens when you do not finish it all?

We already know that when you open your wine bottle, it allows air into the bottle, which can go on to negatively affect your wine. And if your dining or drinking party are not consuming the wine and is instead allowing it to rest, it can effect the lasting quality. Or, even worse, if after your gathering you have wine left over that no one wishes to consume, what do you do? That’s where your mini bottles come in.

When you are drinking on your own, or do not require a standard bottle of wine, and choose to have a mini bottle, do not throw it away. Instead, keep your mini bottles for when the above scenarios happen. By transferring the leftover wine from your large bottle to your mini bottle, the atmosphere and air are forced out. This allows your wine to keep its flavor for longer, compared to if you were to leave it in your standard wine bottle.

That concludes our guide to mini bottles of wine. So, at the start you were wondering how much is 187ml of wine? Well, now you know it is actually the specific measurement of a mini bottle of wine. And, for those that may have questioned their place in your local grocery store, you now know how truly versatile they are. From being the perfect gift or wedding favor, to help you control the amount of alcohol you consume (making them perfect for anyone looking to cut down). They are also handy and environmentally friendly. For example, if you are only cooking with a small amount of wine, you can simply buy a mini bottle rather than a larger one. And remember to not throw out your empty bottles once you have drank them, as you can reuse your mini bottles to store leftover wine from larger bottles which will help your wine retain its rich flavors for longer!

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