Pinotage Wine: A Guide

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Pinotage wine comes from the grape Pinotage. Well, every wine has a story behind it and Pinotage wine has quite a story to back its development over the years. When you hear of the Pinotage wine, the name South Africa comes up. This is because of its association with the African country. Though the wine isn’t widely known beyond the borders of South Africa, other regions are beginning to experiment with it to experience the hidden quality and taste of the rare wine. In this article, you’ll get to learn more about the South African grown wine.

The History of Pinotage Wine

Pinotage wine originated in South Africa. The man behind the discovery of Pinotage was a South African scientist known as Abraham Izak Perold. He made an observation that Pinot Noir grapes did not do well in South Africa because of climatic conditions. So, he sought to cross the grape species with already productive species to see whether there could be an improvement. He chose to cross it with the Cinsaut grape. The main objective of Perold was to come up with a wine that was as delicious and fine as Pinot Noir but easy to grow like Cinsaut. Two years later, the professor left the university and left behind the experimental seeds. Later on, a lecturer rescued the seeds and took them to the Elsenburg Agricultural College. It is from here that the experimental process continued under a new grower. The outcome of the crossing between the two types of grapes was Pinotage grapes. They were too dark and had a high content of tannin and anthocyanin. Though this brought a significant differentiation in flavor, Pinotage ended up becoming South Africa’s second most grown grape.

How Does the Wine Taste?

If you’re a prospective drinker, this information is good for you as you make your choice on what to drink. Pinotage is well known for its sweet jammy taste coupled with a smoky, basic finish. Essentially, Pinotage is a high-sugar grape that contains medium to high level of tannins. If the grapes happen to receive excessive heat at the latter stage of the growing season, they are likely to have an unpleasant choking taste. It is worth taking note that the volatile nature of Pinotage can make it go bad. If Pinotage is bad, it produces a sharp and pungent smell. This smell proves that there is a level of Volatile Acidity caused by acetic acid. If you happen to over-extract Pinotage wine, it will end up having a burnt tar smell.

The Level of Tannin and Acidity

The expectation is that tannins are prominent but have a sweet note. This gives Pinotage grapes to come out as flavored smoke. In reference to acidity, Pinotage grapes have high Ph, which means they have a low acidity level. For this reason, winemakers opt to acidify wine in the early stages of the fermentation process. This helps to achieve effective integration.

Where do you Find Pinotage Grapes?

The first place where Pinotage grapes were grown is South Africa. The specific place where the grapes were first grown is Stellenbosch. This is a rich wine region in South Africa where the grapes are still grown. Usually, these grapes are used in blends together with other grapes in the area. You can find the grape in various formats. It is also imperative to point out that Pinotage wine can be taken young or allowed to age for a couple of years.

In wine regions beyond South Africa, the grape is not usually cultivated for consumption. It is until recently that some regions are beginning to experiment with Pinotage grapes.

Pairing Pinotage Wine with Food

When it comes to pairing food with Pinotage Wine, the best way to go is food types that match its character. Here are some of the foods you can pair well with the wine:

· Roasted meat

· Sweet-spicy barbecue

· Savory foods

Reasons Why You Should Choose Pinotage Wine

If you love taking wine and you’re thinking of the perfect wine, you can consider Pinotage wine. Just in case you’re wondering why you should drink this specific wine, there are reasons why you should choose it. Here is why you should choose the Pinotage wine:

It Has a Strong Heritage

Anything with a strong heritage is good because it has the credibility required to develop the much-needed trust. For a person who loves taking wine, knowing what you’re taking is important. For Pinotage wine, the heritage behind it is strong. Since the discovery of the grapes that make Pinotage wine in 1925, the wine has established itself as a preferred choice for wine enthusiasts. It is a proudly South African wine with the tradition you can trust for your relaxing moments. If you’re a prospective drinker, you can consider going for the Pinotage drink because of the rich and strong heritage it has.

It Pairs Well with Food

When you’re thinking of wine you can take, one of the considerations you need to have in mind is whether it is good with certain foods. In other words, can you pair it with a variety of foods in your disposal? One of the good things with this wine is that it blends well with particular foods. For example, if you’re taking roasted meat, this is a wine option you can go for. As long as you’re pairing it with the right food, you can’t go wrong with Pinotage wine. The right foods for Pinotage wine are the spicy, earthy, or smoky ones. If this is the type of food you’re fond of taking, then you have the right wine in Pinotage wine.

The Expression is World-Class

The quality of wine determines whether you’ll choose it or not. For persons who truly understand what fine wine is all about, they have a way of knowing the best. The cultivation and expression process of Pinotage wine is done in a way that brings out the best from it. The boldness of Pinotage grapes is enough to produce a fine product you can trust. The producers of the wine acknowledge that it is honest and easy to drink. Indeed, this is the reflection of the qualities of contemporary style of expressing wine. Quality is something that you can’t compromise with today as a wine enthusiast. So, as a prospective drinker thinking of the best wine to sample, you can go for Pinotage wine for its proven world-class level of expression.

It Has Stood Strong against Competition

The makers of Pinotage wine have understood so much about it that they have succeeded in making it a recognized brand around the globe. Since its discovery decades ago, the winemakers have sought to refine it and improve its quality to ensure that it matches the level of other brands around the world. The creativity and hard work that the winemakers have demonstrated over the years are enough to give it a global name among extreme competition. A major factor of consideration when thinking of the best wines out there is how they measure up compared with the rest. Well, the good thing with Pinotage wine is that it has established itself as a standard for winemakers. Therefore, with this in mind, you can opt for the South African wine for what it offers.

It Gets Better With Maturity

Just like other brands, maturity goes a long way to give you the treat you need. If you drink it too soon, you’re likely not to get the best out of it. If you can allow it to mature a little bit longer, you’re guaranteed of experiencing the best out of it. Indeed, it gets better and better as time goes by. The longer it takes, the tastier it becomes. If you can be a little bit more patient, you’re sure to enjoy the best fine wine from Pinotage grapes.

Pinotage Wine’s Criticism

Irrespective of the reputation the wine garnered for its easy to cultivate factor, there were criticism leveled against the Pinotage wine. One of the major complaints that came about was the feeling that the quality of wine was not at its best. The trend of developing isoamyl acetate as the winemaking process progressed led to the development of a sweet spiciness. The critics of the wine argued that it didn’t smell as they expected. However, despite the criticism that the wine has experienced, it continues to be a sought-after wine by wine enthusiasts from far and wide.

Certainly, Pinotage wine is a brand that has proven to set the standards for wine production. This is evident from its capacity to spread its wings from its country of origin to move to other regions. With other countries showing the desire to try Pinotage grapes for consumption, it is apparent that many people are beginning to learn about the great things about Pinotage wine. If you’ve been thinking of trying out a new wine, now you have all the information you need to consider having a taste of Pinotage wine.

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