Types Of Wine Glasses

types of wine glasses

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There are few things in this life that can beat the feeling and sensation that the human body creates at the moment of taking a sip of outstanding wine, however, it could be possible that you have been doing it wrong! As many people (especially those who are not that immersed in the wine industry) might enjoy their luxury wine in the incorrect wine glass. Now you might think “Oh god, it is just glassware, what could it possibly change? ” Well, the experience drastically changes! Using correct wine glasses can make the cheapest wine of your collection taste and smell like an expensive and exclusive sample.

Types of Wine Glasses:

As it stands, there are many considerations that must be followed when choosing wine glasses, and since we are dealing with some glassware education, a lot of people believe that it will be a boresome and overcomplex lecture when in reality, it is a simple lecture of the key aspects that must be observed to obtain proper results, with that being said, let us dive in the multiple types of wine glasses that exists.

Types of Red Wine Glasses:

There are many unique types of wines around the world, the good thing about this is that a lot of glassware can be used between different wine types without too much problem, that is why instead of repeating the same mechanics over and over again, it is more versatile to just expose every single wine group and unify all of the recommended glassware that must be used in order to taste the complete luxury of wines.

In the case of the red wines, the glasses must have larger and wider bowls as this will promote more oxygen that will establish contact with the wine, making it ‘breathe’ and furthermore, release all of the complex flavors and aromas of the sample. There are 4 popular types of red wine glasses, Cabernet/Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah/Shiraz, and Bordeaux.

Cabernet/Merlot Glasses:

These particular glasses have an average-length stem with a wide base and a decently large bowl that slightly narrows at the top of the glassware as it is completely designed to make the maximum amount of oxygen contact the sample, making the flavors come out as soon as possible while lessening the tannins’ presence.

Pinot Noir Glasses:

These can have a turned-out rim, which directs the intense wine flavors to your nose and tongue. Specially designed to expose all the flavors at fast as possible, meaning that it is one of the favorite glassware for those who prefer to finish the wine quickly. It comes with a shorter stem and a large bowl which is by far the widest of any wine glass on the list.

Syrah/Shiraz Glasses:

Smaller than many other red wine glasses, it has a sharp rim that tapers inward from the bowl, helping to bring the fruit aromas first and then the tannins. Another enjoyable glassware for those who just want t0 enjoy a quick sip of their favorite wine collection.

Bordeaux Glasses:

Typical Bordeaux glasses come with a tall glass and a long stem that allows a wider bowl and a tapered rim. It is thanks to its unique shape that all the wine goes straight up to the back of the mouth in every single sip, making it a truly unique creation that does not go unnoticed by experts in the industry, and it is definitely one of the most popular glassware for red wine consumption.

Types of Champagne/Prosecco Glasses:

As it stands, both Champagne and Prosecco are truly a symbol of elegance and a refined taste around the world, and thanks to their own uniqueness, it is extremely important to enjoy these elegant samples with the recommended glassware in order to enjoy their refined taste at complete strength. This time there will be 3 types of glasses discussed, Coupe, Flute, and Tulip.

Champagne Coupe:

The first official Champagne glass in history, popularized and forged in England during the 1830s. It comes with a shallow and broad-rimmed appearance as it was stemmed in design, despite being one of the oldest in its class, the Coupe is being used in quirky restaurants and high-end establishments as it is more suited for those who take their time admiring the sample and watching the Champagne bubbles while enjoying the aromatics of the dancing liquid.

Sparkling Wine Glasses:

These come with narrow styles that make them suitable for Prosecco and many other sparkling wines. On some occasions (depending on the sparkling wine) the white wine glasses could be used but in general wider bowls can provide and promote richer and more complex flavors without sacrificing comfort and style.

Champagne Flute:

Over time, Flute has become more favorable for champagne as it is tall, narrow, and makes carbonation preservation a reality. Thanks to its unique appearance and surgical design, it is perfect for enjoying prosecco as this glassware plays a massive role in the improvement of flavor and aroma. Used commonly in elegant celebrations like weddings, birthday parties, and restaurant gatherings with family members or close friends.

Champagne Tulips:

Unique in its own class just for its shape, which consists of a narrow top with a wider bowl that relies on a sharp curved edge that leads to the stem. It helps a lot with the task of trapping the aroma inside the bowl and preventing spillage into the open air. Many individuals prefer Tulips in order to achieve the best champagne drinking experience as it allows more room to hold the glass without sacrificing comfort and style.

Types of White Wine Glasses:

Many wine enjoyers tend to commit the mistake of mixing the glassware of white and red wines, and while you could expect similar results, in reality, the white wine glasses are made with smaller bowls as the aroma of the former are lighter. In this category 3 glasses will be discovered, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling glasses.

Chardonnay Glasses:

This glassware comes with a wide bowl and a unique top that tapers slightly. In shape is extremely similar to the Pinot Noir glass that was previously discussed, but this one is slightly smaller, perfect for those wine enjoyers who prefer a better handle without minding a smaller portion.

Sauvignon Blanc Glasses:

Taller and with a slim design, it comes with a long stem and a unique narrow bowl that tapers slightly as well, making it a perfect glass to detect aromas of any white wine in your collection while minimizing as much as possible the amount of oxygen formed in the glass just to keep a fresh wine during all moments.

Riesling Glasses:

They are on their own league as this glass comes with a taller and narrower style when compared to the Chardonnay glasses, making it perfect to concentrate all the fruity aromas on the top of the bowl, perfect for those who like to have a long time viewing and admiring the looks and fresh aroma of the sample.

Types of Dessert and Fortified Wine Glasses:

Often many people tend to get confused by dessert and fortified wines, thinking that they have the same taste and aroma when in reality, the former is considered sweet wine that can be combined with a meal and the latter a strong wine that manages to get drunk even the strongest wine enjoyers. For these wines, there will be 2 types of glasses, Vintage Port and Dessert Wine glasses.

Vintage Port Glasses:

Port glasses come with a small slender shape that helps your palate in focusing on the fruit and spice flavors rather than being drowned and ambushed by the heavy alcohol flavors. It is safe to say that this is a great resource for those who enjoy fortified wines.

Dessert Wine Glasses:

As their name suggests, these glasses come specially designed for dessert wines, and they come with a highly tapered rim, making it easy to keep the wine air ratio balanced. Also, it emphasizes the acidity of the wine, perfect for wines that are just too sweet to be enjoyed even in the most unsuitable situations.

Types of Rosé Wine Glasses:

When it comes to enjoying a rose wine, there will not be a problem on relying on any of the previously discussed white wine glasses, in fact, for this type of wine, narrower bowls are usually the best choice, and definitely, a long stem will help on the process of maintaining a cool temperature that manages to bring the fruity aromas of this unique and elegant wine.

All-Purpose Wine Glasses:

Sometimes having a general-purpose glass can be a great idea to compare the differences of not tasting your chosen wine on the correct glassware. However, the obtained experience with these all-purpose glasses is not bad at all, in fact, is better than any other cheap option on the market as it provides similar functions and thanks to that, it definitely becomes a top choice for those who will arrange simple meetings in their homes with friends or family members, and it comes with stem or stemless.

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