Vouvray Wine: An In-Depth Guide

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Vouvray is a distinguished white wine that is made with Chenin Blanc grapes. The grapevines are grown along the banks of the River Loire in Touraine, France. The Vouvray wine comes in a variety of styles that range from still to sparkling, and dry to sweet.

And, each of them tastes distinct and boasts of a separate character. Vouvray win is greatly appreciated for its delicate floral aromas. Regardless of style, these kinds of wines produce a boisterous taste that will make your heart melt and crave another sip.

Because Vouvray wines have different variants, it is useful to know a bit more about the styles. That way, you can have the right style that you like most.

What exactly is Vouvray wine?

You can consider Vouvray wine as one of the best Riesling wines you get to find from France. Vouvray is a sweet and aromatic white wine specifically made from the Chenin Blanc grapes. Moreover, these wines have the right amount of acidity levels that set them above par compared to the rest in its class.

Apart from that, this remarkable white wine comes in a variety of styles. It can be said that Vouvray wine can rival other brands in terms of versatility. The wines are exclusively made from 100% pure Chenin Blanc grapes. However, about 5% of Arbois grapes are used to make this wine. But it is rare.

What is Vouvray wine used for?

As with most wines, Vouvray wine is flexible with specific food. The wine goes well with crab, lobster, scallops, white bean stews, fowl, pork roasts, and less delicate fish. Also, it goes well with different types of cheese as well. However, it is good to take the wine when it isn’t too cold.

It is good to take the wine out of the fridge 20 to 30 minutes before you plan to serve. Also, it is better to serve yourself with a glass so that you can observe the changes while it loses the chill. Apart from serving it alone, you can use this wine in some recipes as well.

Because of the right balance of fruit and minerality in Vouvray wine, it is best for crab tart. The delicacy and freshness of this white wine can be paired with the shellfish. Moreover, it cuts nicely through the rich texture of pastry and cheese.

Goat’s cheese is an amazing match when you use it with Vouvray wine. Also, it pairs well with guinea fowl and chicken. Moreover, you can try the wine with veal or grilled pork chops. Besides, if you are looking for recipes that go well with sweet Vouvray wines, creamy fish, or poultry dishes will be sublime.

Where does Vouvray wine come from?

The French wine, Vouvray comes from the region called Loire Valley. It is located in the Touraine district east of Tours. And, Vouvray is nestled on the northern banks of the river Loire. Vouvray has the largest white wine production in the whole Touraine region.

However, the term �large’ seems relative with the whole area measuring only 8.4 square miles or 5400 acres. In short, Vouvray has been associated with a variety of the best quality wine that you get to see in France. This is quite an achievement if you consider the potentiality of the competition.

The Loire Valley is the most acknowledged French region that’s renowned for its outstanding natural beauty that produces some of the world-famous wines. There is no denying that Loire Valley is home to a diverse range of wines in entire France, thanks to its varied and majestic terrain.

How is Vouvray wine made?

Vouvray wines are made from Chenin Blanc grapes that are grown along the banks of the Loire River in the northern region of Touraine, France. Chenin Blanc is from the Loire Valley that produces some of the famous wines in France. Vouvray wine region is one of the most popular and respected appellations that you can find in the Loire Valley.

Because of varying topography, the region creates a variety of local meso climatic conditions. Despite that, it has a northern cool climate that runs throughout the year. Also, it has chalky, clay-like soil that is perfect for growing Chenin Blanc grapes.

Like most other old words that are no longer in use these days, you won’t find the name Chenin Blanc on the label. Yet when you see brands such as Vouvray, Quarts de Chaume, and Bonnezeaux, you can say that the wine is made from Chenin Blanc.

Hence, the secret of Vouvray wine, if you ask, the answer is quite simple. It’s the Chenin Blanc grapes that contribute to the taste that leaves you speechless. This versatile, lovely grape is native to the Loire region and used to produce a variety of white wines.

Moreover, they range from sweet to sparking and everything that comes in between. As a result, it allows Vouvray to produce some of the interesting, unique, and varied wines that are hard to find.

What does Vouvray wine taste like?

There is no question that Chenin Blanc grapes produce a mesmerizing mix of zingyness and sweetness. In addition, the roundness and acidity on the palate make it one of the ultra-versatile wines that you can find anywhere. You can find Vouvray wine as dry, sparkling, sweet, and off-dry.

While it is rare, if you see “Chenin Blanc” mentioned on the bottle, you can expect it to be dry along with high acidity and great sweetness content. Moreover, it is the preferred style that you can find in almost all places.

Furthermore, when Chenin Blanc is produced well, it gives off an aromatic grape scent. Vouvray wines can develop aromas of pear, pineapple, peach, citrus fruit, mango, and quince. Also, the sweet versions tend to show the aromas of nuts, white flowers, and honey.

Types of Vouvray wines

  • Sparkling Vouvray

As said, Vouvray wines have a diverse range and come in different styles for you to enjoy. However, sparkling wine is the most popular one and was created by using the same method as the iconic Champagne region.

It is better to look out for sweeter Demi-sec or dry Brut styles that come with beautiful light bubbles and Chenin Blanc fruitiness. On rare occasions, the oldest method of producing sparkling wine is used called petillant. It provides you with froths that are bound to tingle your taste buds.

  • Still Vouvray

Of the total wine production, still wine accounts for about 50% in Vouvray. Yet, this variant showcases the amazing range that Chenin Blanc has to offer. Still Vouvray includes sec, which is the driest style to sweeter demi-sec and off-dry tender.

However, the demi-sec variant, in particular, showcases the best fruity flavors with notes from green apple and pear to honeysuckle.

  • Moelleux Vouvray

Chenin Blanc can develop noble rot that helps the grapes to attain a luxurious sweet taste along with increasing potentiality for longevity and aging. Moelleux wine is the most concentrated and sweetest Vouvray because of the noble rot.

Moreover, the rich sugar content helps these wines achieve a stunning richness that can last for several years in the cellar.

Interesting facts about Vouvray

  • All kinds of Vouvray wines are made from Chenin Blanc grapes. But all Chenin Blanc isn’t Vouvray. It means that the variants of Vouvray wines are made by using Chenin Blanc grapes found in Vouvray, France. However, in theory, Chenin Blanc is grown anywhere
  • If you take a look at Vouvray’s annual production of wine, you can find out that 48% are still and 52% are sparkling. That speaks about the popularity of the sparkling wine variant
  • Vouvray wines are aged 10 years or even a few decades more
  • The Chenin Blanc grapes of pale yellow texture give notes of citrus, pear, honey, and apple. However, just before it fully ripens and matures, the fruit becomes much acidic

What to look for when buying a bottle

The love for Vouvray wines isn’t compared to other brands that produce wine. And, only a wine enthusiast should know about that. Furthermore, this variant is very rare and barely found outside France. Still, if you are looking to taste something different, here are some important facts that you should know.

  • Wine price – If you are in the US, you can expect to find a Vouvray wine bottle anywhere between $20 and $30 whether still or sparkling. If you are seeking a high-end variant, it should be available at around $35 to $55.
  • Pay close attention to the vintage collection – If you are looking for a unique taste, look out for 2009, 2012, 2014, and 2015 because they are regarded as good vintages. Moreover, most of the variants that you find in the market have a minimum age of about 5 years. So, it is likely that you can have the best one.


Indeed, most of the wines produced in Vouvray rarely leave France and you can hardly find them in other parts of the world. But after you have to track them down, it will fill you with immense pleasure. These marvelous white wines demonstrate everything about wine production in France and guarantees to please your palate.

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